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12 Monkeys: How to write a season finale with a brilliant and unexpected twist that adds layers to character and reinforces your ongoing themes and leaves your fandom going “Whhhaaaaaa.....?

spoilers )

Into the Badlands: How to write a season finale with a twist guaranteed to piss off the majority of your fanbase, displays bad and lazy writing, and tosses themes that you get praised for and season long character arcs into the garbage for shock value, leaving your fandom going “WTF HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE.”

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Going back to work tomorrow and my lungs are still bugging me.
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These pinch hits are due at the regular deadline -- Sunday, July 16 at 8 p.m. PDT. Anyone is welcome to claim a pinch hit, whether or not you're signed up for the exchange. You just need to have an AO3 account.

To claim a pinch hit, email me at with A) your AO3 name and B) the number of the pinch hit you want to claim.

Pinch hits will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you get the pinch hit, I'll reply to your email and assign you on AO3. If you see the pinch hit marked as "claimed" and you haven't heard from me, somebody else got there first.
Pinch Hit #1 - Francowitch - Fanart )
Pinch Hit #2 - ChocolateStarfish - Fanart and Fanfic )
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So the Stony Trumps Hate auction is proceeding apace and I currently have high bid on a couple vids because I want aaaaall the comics vids. But we will see how this goes. *crosses fingers*

What several people have come up with, endorsed by the auction mods, is the idea of forming bidding "pods" -- basically, people who want the same thing pooling their bids to try to win one of the people who would otherwise go for more than they can afford separately. For example, a bunch of people are going in on Kiyaar to get her to finish Sins of Omission, which sounds great to me. A lot of people seem to want to use this to get sequels and/or WIPs completed, which is kind of fun. I am excited about it, anyway. And I think the idea of cooperatively pooling bids is great.

The hilarious thing is, I personally seem to have broken the cooperative bidding. Because, there are, by my count, at least four groups that all want different things from me:

  1. Some kind of sequel to Like a Comet Streaming On (the psychic wolves AU). I don't personally know the person interested in this, so I don't know what they want, but I assume wolfy fluff?
  2. Kiyaar has started a pod bid for a sequel to Straight on till Morning (the Star Trek AU). I actually have a novel-length sequel outlined that I have had no time to write (it involves Don Blake's other identity, mysterious kidnappings of several people including Tony, Section 31, Bucky's fate in this universe, and a ton of angst) and Kiyaar definitely wants this, so provided that bidders are okay with waiting possibly a long time, I would be happy to write that.
  3. There is also interest in a sequel to Double Time (you remember, that Civil War fixit). You will probably be unsurprised to learn that I have had also a novel-length sequel planned out for this -- this outline is a little sketchier (and honestly probably shorter) than the Trek one, but it is all 616 and involves Director/Commander, the Secret Invasion, and a lot of yelling at the Illuminati. It's been a while since I've thought about it. Again, it's one of those things I haven't had time to write, but I could! It would also take a while.
  4. And finally, someone (*significant look at Magicasen*) wants a Kimi no Na wa/Your Name AU. Which is not a sequel to anything I have written, but would also be great.

No pressure or anything, right? Right. *looks at WIP list* I have seriously just mapped out my writing commitments up through December.

But that's not the most hilarious thing. The REALLY hilarious thing, to me, which Sparrow pointed out, is that being in multiple bidding pods for the same creator actually has no conflict. Since the creator is only making one thing (I mean, I am, anyway), only the winning bidder or bidder group actually has to pay. So you can put your name in for me writing two or three different things, but since I'm only writing whichever one wins, you're only paying for whichever one wins, assuming you're in on the one that wins. Like, if you put $20 in every pod bidding on me (say, because you like the sound of all four of those stories and you want to give to charity), you're only going to be out $20 no matter what. Awesome. Weird, but awesome.

Anyway, if you personally wanted to bid on me and you want to get in one or more of those groups -- or create your own, for me or anyone else, there's a post on Imzy (currently missing details for the last two of those pods but they should be going up shortly) where the groups are organizing themselves, and there's a Discord chat where participants are convening. I think a lot of the coordination is going on privately over Discord and/or Tumblr; I think people are PMing the pod organizers with their bid amounts and so on.

I guess I should post about this on Tumblr, though for that I will wait until all the details are up.
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 01:18 am
I was so whipped yesterday I forgot to mention Ivan Tasrevich and the Changing Princess. it was a charming anthology of retold folktales done in shadow play style. I, however, was more exhausted than I realized and nodded off here and there. after that, I decided to go home and veg.
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As the internet becomes more widespread in Cuba, online start-ups are emerging. But challenges remain.
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Title: Served Cold
[ profile] pprfaith 
[personal profile] reena_jenkins 
Coverartist: [personal profile] reena_jenkins 
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Fast and the Furious series (FATF 4)
Pairings: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto
Warnings: Rule 63, Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Alternate Universe, Character Death, Snippets, POV Alternating, Canon-Typical Violence, Loss, crazy people, Interlude, Revenge, Injury, Hospitals, Murder, the usual, AU take on Fast and the Furious 4

Music: Fast Caras performed by Tracy Chapman

Length: 00:23:21

Author's Summary: Moments between L.A. and Rio.

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, [personal profile] paraka , for hosting me!)
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Just started seeing reports about Manchester, UK. Not going to post any links because you've all probably seen more than enough by now from other sources, and the news story is still very much "in progress".

If you lost anyone tonight, I'm sorry.
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[personal profile] the_rck said: How about the butcher / baker / candlestick-maker: tradesman for an OC view on some part of the Naruto story line?

Note: This is set pre-canon, and hopefully I've included enough context clues about which canon character and part of the story line I threw at my OC businesswoman. :D (1,600 words)

Whose Allegiance Is Ruled by Expedience )

I have Thoughts about economics among the Elemental Countries, in case that wasn't already obvious from my other Naruto fics. *wry* Actually, now I kind of want to work Natsume into "Guardian," if only as a throwaway line discussing some of Amane Eiji's business partners and stuff. (I am pretty sure Natsume uses his company for shipping, since that's something she'd rather subcontract out to avoid headaches.)
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Posted by Joshua Haigh

Police have confirmed that there have been a number of deaths following a reported explosion at an Ariana Grande concert.

Manchester police said in a statement that at least 19 people have been killed, while more than 50 people have been left injured. Multiple sources are claiming that police believe a suicide bomber is responsible for the attack.

British Transport Police confirmed the blast came from “within the foyer area of the stadium at 10.30pm this evening”

Scroll down for video

Twitter users reported thousands of concert goers fled the arena covered in blood and crying, although it is still not entirely clear what the reported “loud bangs” were.

A concert-goer told the BBC that panic ensued as people tried to run out the arena: “She finished her last song .. and we heard like a really basey bang, and all I can remember is just everyone … was just running out… people were covered in blood, some people were having a fight, it was quite scary.”

Following the incident, police confirmed that they had carried out a controlled explosion in Cathedral gardens on a suspected device.

A rep for Ariana has confirmed that the star is “okay” following the terrifying incident.

At 3am local time (May 23), Police made a statement confirming they are treating the event as a “terrorist incident,” and have committed to revealing more information as their investigations continue.

We hope everyone who was at the event remains safe tonight, and our thoughts go out to those who have died.



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Since it's been a metric-ridiculous amount of time since I posted here, and because I'm killing time before work, here's a few quick bits about me:

1. I wrote a book! It's currently in the form of three notebooks plus two smaller notebooks, plus some loose-leaf handwritten pages and a few typed pages, but I wrote an entire book from beginning to end! It's about 150,000+ words and it's called Omegas: Cake Walk and it takes place in a comic book style universe. The main characters are a group of private security contractors who have to protect a super-scientist's daughter during a super-scientist convention. Shenanigans occur!

2. Next phase is to type up the book mentioned above. And make it make more sense. Toward which, I wrote an outline! Yes, it's possibly counterproductive to write an outline AFTER writing a draft of a book but that is how I roll so...yup!

3. I'm going to be importing communities I created over to Dreamwidth. I started with TFIWTS (Transformers Fics I want to see) and hopefully haven't screwed that up. Fingers are crossed. Currently, not planning on deleting those communities from LJ, just want to back them up to DW and provide a place for people to go instead of LJ.

4. I've tried sushi and I kinda liked it!

5. I learned how to say "I love you" in Arabic thanks to a co-worker who is from Jordan. That was cool.

6. I was going to try for ten things but my brain has decided "NOPE!" so I'm cutting it short at six things. Going to try to make posting here a much more regular thing.

Later gators!
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Posted by Andrew Bleiman

Terra 300 dpi

Reid Park Zoo celebrated a special arrival on April 22. A female Tamandua arrived on “Earth Day”, and in honor of the baby’s special birthday, she has been named Terra (Latin for “the planet earth”).

Reid Park Zoo is working in partnership with the Southern Tamandua SSP to place several of its Tamanduas, and to continue the Zoo’s breeding based upon the SSP recommendations. Reid Park Zoo’s Education Supervisor, Jennifer Stoddard, is also an education adviser for this vital program.

Though not on exhibit, the Zoo’s Tamanduas make regular appearances during education programs and formal presentations. They can also been seen going for informal walks, with the animal care staff, on zoo grounds.

Terra teddy 300 dpiPhoto Credits: Reid Park Zoo (Image 1: pup at one-month-old/ Image 2: two-weeks-old) 

The Southern Tamandua (Tamandua tetradactyla), also known as the “Collared Anteater” or “Lesser Anteater”, is a species of anteater from South America. It is native to Venezuela, Trinidad, northern Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay at elevations to 1,600 m (5,200 ft.).

It is a solitary animal, found in many habitats from mature to secondary forests and arid savannas. It feeds on ants, termites, and bees. Its very strong fore claws can be used to break insect nests or to defend itself.

Mating generally takes place in the fall. Gestation ranges from 130 to 190 days, and usually one young is born. At birth, the young does not resemble its parents, its coat varies from white to black. The pup will ride on the mother's back for some time.

The species is currently classified as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List. Their main threat is being killed by hunters. Some hunters pursue the species with claims that the Tamanduas kill domestic dogs. They are also killed for the thick tendons in their tails, from which rope is made, and Tamanduas are sometimes used by Amazonian Indians as “organic” bug control in an effort to rid their homes of ants and termites.