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Based on a fairy tale by Dutch author Godfried Bomans,1913-1971 Adapted by Nathan Lopes Cardozo Once upon a time, in a large, gloomy palace high on a mountain, where the night wind howled outside its massive walls, there lived a king — a real one. He had a beard as long as a silver waterfall […]

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Art time again!
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Marja Vongerichten with Julia Turshen, The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen (2011)
Lauren Chun, The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional and Modern Ways to Make and Eat Kimchi (2012)

Read Vongerichten for a fusion tour. Read Chun to distinguish older and newer (she labels). Neither book could have existed without a family member: Vongerichten's three-star chef husband enabled the TV show on which the book rests, and Chun acknowledges the restaurant in which she was raised, though she doesn't trouble herself to credit by name the ajummas who labored in her mother's kitchen.

Both have a great grounding in writing and showing what one knows, however. Vongerichten is admirably matter-of-fact in crossing among the restaurants where she and Jean-Paul dined (thence recreated or adapted a dish), remembrances of her adoptive parents, and remembrances of her birth mother. She lived with the latter till she was three years old, then parted and re-met when she was grown. Chun studied law and worked as a wine buyer before returning to kimchi, the one thing her mother had warned her not to share with non-Koreans, which made me wonder whether we're of similar age; quite a few K Ams from the US West Coast have this story about their childhoods, without Chun's backing (or Roy Choi's) of restaurant-quality food.

(Japanese miso soup and ramen were acceptably exotic, but Japanese anything was protected by the coolness of their electronics during that mini-era. Korean food was nearly unknown even in southern California unless you lived right atop K-town or (where Chun was) Orange County's Garden Grove/Anaheim pocket. Otherwise, you were assumed Chinese, a situation aided by the fact that some Chinese restaurants served pickled cabbage, whether in their own right (northerly tradition) or because they were run by Koreans.)
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Heather Heyer’s mom gives heartbreaking yet stirring funeral speech

“Find what’s wrong. Don’t ignore it, don’t look the other way, you make a point to look at it and say to yourself, ‘What can I do to make a difference?’ And that’s how you’re going to make my child’s death worthwhile. I’d rather have my child, but by golly, if I gotta give her up, we’re going to make it count.”
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Soy & Honey Tofu with Sweet Potato Noodles
Honey & Soy Tofu with Sweet Potato ‘Noodles’ recipe HERE.

If anyone were to ask me what’s my biggest struggle with food and cooking at the moment, I have a very clear answer.

Getting small boys to eat vegetables.

And while we’re very much still on a journey, there’s one piece of advice my friend Elizabeth shared that’s really helped take the stress out of family meal times.

Here it is in a nutshell…

How to Get Your Kid to Eat

As a parent it’s our job to put age appropriate food on the table at appropriate times.

As a child it’s their job to decide what they eat. And how much.

Since embracing this philosophy, it’s made meal times soo much easier.

I no longer feel responsible for getting the boys to eat anything. I can’t tell you how this simple change in mindset takes the pressure off all of us.

Sure there are some days where I worry that they’re going to starve. Or get seriously malnourished.

But so far, so good.

If you’d like to go deeper with this, I recommend checking out the book ‘How to Get Your Kid to Eat (but not too much)‘ by Ellyn Sutter. It covers different ages and stages but the essential philosophy is the same as what I’ve shared here. So don’t feel like you need to read the book to try it out.

What about you?

Are family meal times less than ideal in your house? Or are you going to make me jealous with your little broccoli lover? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

With love,
Jules x

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So the doctor's appointment went fairly well. I'm pretty pleased with how it went.

I saw a temporary doctor today because my regular PCP is still on maternity leave. I kind of adore my temporary doctor, but she assures me that I will like the regular one once I get to meet her. Everyone at the office was super impressed with my record keeping and the fact I brought them in copies of some of my medical records. They all said it was a big help and gave them a good place to start, even if the records are four years out of date (because I haven't been to a doctor for more than a prescription top off or urgent care visit since then).

It did help that one of the records I found way a yearly summary, including medications I was taking at the time and what lab tests I had had done recently. Mostly those were checking and rechecking my A1C, my C-Reactive Protein, iron levels, and my thyroid levels. She expressed some concerns over the number of times they checked and rechecked my C-Reactive Proteins and thyroid levels. It seemed odd, she said, that they never managed to pin down the cause of my joint pain and just stopped at fibromyalgia without ever sending me to a rheumatologist. So she's not beating around the bush: she's sending me to one to try to pin down the problems with my joints.

Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis you only come to when you've exhausted all other possible diagnoses, apparently, and she was a little unhappy that they hung that diagnosis on me without those last few steps. If that makes sense.

So I'm back on some of my old medication: Albuterol (asthma), Maxalt (migraines), and Pantoprazole (gastroenteritis). I'm on a new antidepressant, Paxil. She's starting me on 10mg and will be building me up to 20mg in about a month. It's a chance to see if it's something that works better for me than some of the other things I've used over the years (Effexor, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Zyprexa, and Elavil), since it might also help with my anxiety.

I'm just ready to start feeling more like who I used to be again. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I have to go back in three weeks, which is going to be fun, let me tell you, trying to get more time off work. I'll figure something out. I always do. (I always have to.)

Anyway, sleep now. It's an early, long day tomorrow, between [personal profile] katsuko's 6:00 IKEA shift, my 8:30 GSU shift, and [personal profile] katsuko's 5:00 Mirko shift. If nothing else, this visit has resulted in an admonition to try to take things easier... as well as a note to let me wear trainers to work, so that my plantar fasciitis has a chance to start trying to heal some.

And yeah, that's it. Later, all.
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You know what bugs me?
... it's nearly five in the morning and I haven't slept, many things bug me...

but I was watching Legends of tomorrow
the episode in season one in the asylum
in the 1950s
and they explicitly say it's a bad era to be black, or queer, or a woman
but they don't say word one about mental health.

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Now the sky is making interesting loud noises.

So, sleep maybe for later.

Eh, internet forever.
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This is going to be a very tiring week. You see, I knew I had an audit today. Internal, one where I was leading it. That was planned for. Tiring but productive so it's okay. I still have to write up the audit report and get the notes organized but hey, that's more or less done.

Tomorrow, there is a customer audit. This was known, planned for and loathed but known. I'm going to be Very Tired tomorrow so don't expect much of a post if I manage one at all.

Then, on Monday, we discovered that there was another customer audit this week, on Thursday. With a humongous scope that should, properly, take at least two days to cover. We've had, like, next to no time to prepare for it. There was hope that it'd be moved out a couple of weeks but nope, the auditor decided to come Thursday despite crisis on his side.

*loud desperate whining*

I am going to be completely and utterly flattened by the end of this week. One audit exhausts me. Two, back to back, is not just exhausting but devastating to my RSI. Taking that many notes is physically painful for weeks.


JFC, I'm going to be miserable.

But it's what has to happen so I'll survive it. Unhappily.

It's a good thing I'd already decided to ramp down my writing production as of this week. Because man, I'm going to be lucky to get even 500 words per day for the rest of the week.

I managed 1100 today, on the newest short story. It's squarely urban fantasy though, as always, I've no idea where I'm going with it. Doubt I'll finish it before the weekend. It feels like about 5-6K of story right now.

Goals for tomorrow are small: write 500 words, get this week's cover done (and ebook if possible), survive the audit. That's it.

Off to bath and early, early, EARLY bedtime for me. Goodnight everyone!
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And then after yesterday I get an angry email from a different aunt all how dare I ask my Mom for a new phone I can't just have expensive phones every time I want them raaaar heads rolling. Excuse the fuck out of you I did not break my phone on purpose. This is my first new phone in three years and my second in almost twenty. It is not in fact un-fucking-reasonable to call the plan holder to ask her if it's okay and check for upgrades and get the information I need to activate my new fucking phone that I paid for. And if Mom wants to reimburse me or not, that is her fucking business. I did not need that shit after the day I had fucksake everyone.

(This also has way more to do with Aunt B's current pile of problems than it does my phone usage and breakage, and I realize that, but Oh my god I did not need that right then.)

So tired. Just from the weekend and the last few days, so, so tired. I just want a few days of not having to do anything, which isn't going to happen anytime soon because writing projects (okay, those I mind less) and every other goddamn thing. At this point I think I really am going to skip capoeira so I can have another four to six hours to prep for DragonCon, although by prep I mostly mean watch TV at this point. But I'll feel less rattled if I watch TV while I capoeira rather than go to capoeira, push myself into exhaustion, get home, fall over hard, etc.

I also did realize that if I want to have proof copies for DragonCon I need to finish formatting everything TOMORROW and probably have it shipped to the damn hotel. Which is fine and all, but oh my god this was supposed to be done this weekend so I could have it shipped and get here by Friday and, well. The weekend happened. It was a bad, exhausting weekend. On the plus side if I go to bed early enough tonight (read: on time, plus sleeping through the damn night thank you Aunt B for that fit of 3am anxiety) I should have the energy to deal with it tomorrow and I have a computer that can handle Scrivener at work now, so I can fuck around with that there.

Okay. Making a to-do list for work tomorrow, and then going the fuck to sleep like a good, responsible writer. The Turing Shrugged cover art is good enough for a test proof anyway. That'll do, kitten. That'll do.
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 10:18 pm
The anxiety meds appear to be working, and darn well. Once again, I get lucky on the first try. As I told Tracy the cool boss, every little thing is not the end of the world anymore. I don't *think* I'm buffered too far in the other direction, but I'm still keeping an eye on that, just in case.

The idea that the anxiety meds would help kick the previously malfunctioning depression meds back into working order seems to have legs, too. Not perfect, because nothing is when it comes to (at least my) brain's chemical imbalances, but better.

More on other subjects later. Now, I mellow out.