Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 02:41 pm
Thank you for writing or making art for me!

Things I love in general: competent characters, women with agency, teamwork, plot, character studies, in-period attitudes.

I have a short list of Do Not Wants: non-canon character death, rape/non-con, zombies, apocalypse, mentor/mentee relationships and moving images such as GIFs.

All of these are optional details and if you have another way you want the fic to go, that's fine too - I wanted to give you some starting prompts if that's something you prefer.

Request 1: Whitney Frost

In the show it was phrased villainously - she hired minorities who couldn't get jobs elsewhere and wouldn't be believed if they spoke up - but in fact Whitney Frost had put together a workplace of outsiders like herself. How did it feel to give other scientists a chance when she herself had to stay behind the scenes and pretend her husband was in charge? How did she get this policy past the Council in the first place? How did she get any research done herself when she was such a well-known face? And how did she pick her husband, who seemed very comfortable being the front man for her genius, (at least until she started killing people)? I basically want to see anything and everything about her life preceding the show, and how she got from ingenue to powerhouse. Something about the movies that she was in on her way to stardom would also be excellent!

Request 2: Howard Stark/Jason Wilkes

I adored their teamwork, and if that wasn't a morning after in the final episode (when Howard and Jason chat before Howard goes off to swim naked in the pool) I don't know what was. Apart from that, the scenes of them geeking out together were a lot of fun, but I don't know if having worked for Whitney Frost and seeing Howard's tendencies to be careless with his "bad babies" is going to make Jason a little more responsible with his work, or if it's only going to encourage the side of Jason we saw fascinated with zero matter and threatening Peggy to get results. While I don't think either of them are in love or expect a lasting relationship, I think they could have a lot of fun with science and gadgets on the way. Feel free to bring in any other relationships including Joseph Manfredi of the naked New York saunas! I would prefer no Howard/Peggy, please.

Request 3: Peggy Carter & Rose Roberts

Rose must have seen a thing or two in her day: how long has she been in the secret agent business? Why did she follow Sousa from New York to LA, and how excited was she to see Peggy show up? I would love to see these two in action, either on an adventure during or post show timeline, or maybe reminiscing about old adventures or planning new feats. Peggy and Rose sharing fighting tips would be awesome, or any previous intersection between them, maybe during WWII, as Peggy spent quite a bit of time in the US, or Rose could have been posted to Europe, though as she said, Rose hasn't been on an active combat mission before. The other thing I love about them is their fantastic colour sense - their outfits always look fabulous while practical and ready for action.

Request 4: Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood

Dottie changed her whole look to resemble Peggy. Creepy but delightful! I love them as mirrors of each other, I love them as a team. I was a bit disappointed in how much Peggy had to try to control Dottie in the show and would love to see them working together for their own, separate goals. And who, if anyone, is Dottie working for now? She seemed to be convinced, at the end of Season 1, that she was now a free agent because she had failed and that means death if she doesn't escape, but now she has henchmen and is robbing banks and going after the Council? What happened? What is she going to do next, and how will Peggy be drawn into it? Alternatively, I would like to see the two of them fully at odds and on opposite sides of a battle, despite their attraction. Or maybe one of them rescues the other! Or Peggy gets in trouble for breaking Dottie out and Dottie decides to make it up to her, in her strange and homicidal way.


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