Thursday, December 15th, 2016 08:26 pm
Baggins is home! Well, sort of.

He was so traumatised at the vets - ripped out four IV lines and refused to eat - that they sent him home with us. They need him to eat so that they can see if he vomits. He was also trying not to use the litter box, which is obviously not good for stressed kidneys.

So far he has eaten:

1. small serve of chicken
2. larger serve of chicken
3. half a tin of tuna
4. a bit more of that tuna

He has not thrown up, and is currently fast asleep in his own bed, curled up with Chewie. Chewie hasn't quite got to washing Baggins yet, but there has been a lot of puzzled sniffing and no fighting. He has been to the litter box twice and used it with no problems. His poor legs are very sore where he ripped out the IV catheters though.

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A sad kitty with shaven legs sitting in his bed.

We have to take him back tomorrow morning for a blood urea test to see how his kidneys are going, and he'll probably have to have more fluids unless it's an astonishingly great result. But having him home is so great, and he's so, so happy to be here.

We still couldn't get any official snake guys, so we got an unofficial one and he's had a good look but can't find anything. He thinks it was probably a tiger snake given the timing and nature of Baggins' reaction, because they let down venom from the gums rather than inject it through hollow fangs, so furry pets get less of it because some goes on the fur instead of into the body. The good thing about that possibility is that tiger snakes don't stay in houses very long and will go back the way it came. The bad thing is that if it hasn't gone, it's more likely to attack than other kinds of snake. We are sleeping very lightly, let me tell you.


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