Sunday, October 26th, 2014 12:47 pm
Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I've tried to put plenty of information for each fandom, but if you would like to write something completely different please feel free! I am also happy for you to include as many or as few of the nominated characters as you wish. If you're not sure about anything, or want to do a crossover with another fandom and need to check if I know it, just ask my partner [personal profile] st_aurafina.

Things I enjoy: stories about female characters, plot, character interaction, gen fic or any of femslash/het/slash, exploring a canon world. I also like OCs as a way to expand the canon universe, so if that's a direction you want to go, that would be great too. AUs are fine – both in the sense of a deviation from canon and a completely different world – as long as they're not mundane AUs. (Modern AUs are fine, as long as they're not mundane modern AUs – superpowered coffee shops or high school on a Zeppelin would be just fine!)

Things I don't enjoy: non-con or rape, non-canon character deaths (canon deaths are fair game), adult/teen or adult/child sexual interaction, zombies, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic AUs, mundane AUs.

Baker Street

This is one fandom where I desperately wish there was more: everything about the world is dropped in hints and background art, but the violent collision of Victorian mores (and not just the posh ones) and punk sensibility is gorgeously grim and intensely fascinating. Having open-minded, calm Susan in Watson's role as the narrator/diarist brings a lot of cohesion to the violent story and Sharon Ford's deductive reasoning, but it also means that we don't get to see a lot outside that POV. What is Sharon's uneasy connection to Lady Noir, and why is Sharon able to work with the police? Why is Sam so desperate and violent and her revelation such a surprise to everyone but Sharon? Is there no other way out for her? What is it like to live in this grimy London and what happened to make it that way? What is the rest of the world like? Why is Sharon choosing to live the way she does, and what does that say about women's roles in this world? I suppose I just want to know everything about how it all works, whether through a mystery or backstory or a character study or an OC, to see how the aggressive social Darwinism of the Victorian era and the DIY anarchist ethos of punk pull together to make this world.

My major request here is that Foggy's battle with cancer is not part of the story, not even in the background, not even a mention. I am a cancer survivor and really, really hate cancer and other serious illnesses being part of superhero stories where other parts of the shared universe have people running around curing spinal breakages and travelling through time. The scale is all wrong.

You are welcome to set this story in any era of Daredevil, because the things I like most have been there all the way through – the double life as a lawyer, the cost of being Daredevil (to both Matt and others), and the determination to stand up for regular people against villains like the Kingpin, who is, of course, himself a regular person made good. I liked Karen as the tough secretary with a crush, I liked her as the addict who dragged herself out of addiction and betrayal to tell Matt what she had done, I liked her as a radio host reaching out to other people who had been through what she had been through. Any incarnation of Karen except "dead" would be very welcome – and not necessarily in a relationship with Matt! Foggy is a wonderful guy, who should be getting more respect from Matt, and I would love to see him be the focus of a story, or at least have his great competence shown rather than being the occasional comic relief that some writers prefer. Matt/Foggy is very welcome, but their long-lasting friendship is the most important thing to me, so if they're in a relationship, that should be building on the friendship rather than replacing it.

Emma Frost (comic)

I'm so thrilled that someone requested this! I have always wanted to know more about the other Frost siblings, and what they're up to. Feel free to keep or discard any part of canon that you want – my main reference for my request is the Emma Frost series, rather than Generation X or New X-Men. (I greatly disliked the off-handed "Oh, Christian went crazy in the asylum," in New X-Men, but I tend to take anything Emma says with several grains of salt!)

I found it really interesting the way each of them adopted the survival strategy of conforming to a role whether they were suited to it or not: Adrienne the tough and rational businesswoman, Christian the flamboyantly gay useless layabout, Cordelia the rebellious youngest. Then later Adrienne is all about revenge, Christian about helping Emma, and Cordelia about power in the Hellfire Club! A fic about any one of them as adults, or all of them trapped in that big house together as children, would be great. Even though Emma is not a nominated character, you are of course very welcome to include her, but I would really like the story to be about one or all of the siblings, not just Emma.

The Queen's Thief

I loved the scene in "The King of Attolia" where Eddis and Attolia meet and tell each other their entirely inappropriate given names, and I would love to see more about them, either as younger women or as Queens united against the Medes. They have had very different royal upbringings and rule very differently, and I would love to see what they bring to each other, apart from their shared fondness for Gen. Would Eddis teach Attolia to fight? Would Attolia teach Eddis about the political uses of ceremony? Would they be as loyal to each other – as much as possible – as they are to their respective nations, or would they trust only warily? Does Attolia think Eddis is just using her because of the vision of destruction? How far can Eddis forgive Attolia for what she did to Gen, considering the depths of Attolia and Gen's marriage?

Eddis and Gen have a very sibling-like relationship to me, so I don't want to see Eddis/Gen, but Eddis/Attolia and Attolia/Gen is fine, as is gen fic or any other combination.


Ororo is one of my all-time favourite comics characters and I am incredibly thrilled that she now has her own series. Even better, it's a global series rather than limiting her to New York and surrounds. What I like about this series is that, instead of showing Ororo as either an unapproachable Goddess or a power of nature, thinks about why she presents herself that way, and what it benefits and costs her. I would love to see her connecting with Callisto more than she has already, or Callisto up to other schemes or needing Ororo's help, or helping Ororo. Yukio hadn't appeared in the comic at the time I made the nomination, but she's another character I enjoy so please feel free to include her if you wish, or anyone else from Ororo's long history, villain or ally or both. For this Yuletide I would especially like to see Ororo as a solo character away from the X-Men and their team/school, doing something not directly related to the X-Men themselves, in honour of her solo title.

(Just because a lot of people didn't like it, I thought I had better mention that I didn't mind the Ororo/T'Challa marriage except when they had to make Ororo weaker than T'Challa in order to make him look good, which was just stupid – if you wish to include or mention the marriage in the fic, that's fine with me. So much of comics canon contradicts itself or overlaps or doesn't make sense, so choose whatever version of canon you like.)

The Tribe - Ambelin Kwaymullina

(SPOILERS for books one and two – please don't read unless you've read the books, because there are story-destroying spoilers here! If this interests you and you'd like to read the books, head over to The Firstwood to check them out!)

The Tribe


I absolutely love this new series of Australian YA. Normally I don't like post-apocalyptic stories, but this one is so far past the apocalypse and even the rebuilding stage and right into the problems of the new world afterwards. As a long-time X-Men fan, I love a teen superpower story, and Ashala and her Tribe go further than most "heroes", radically rejecting society instead of protecting the status quo, and trying to create their own balanced society in harmony with nature. I loved that Ashala's discovery of her special connection to place was a focus of the first book, even if the cultural knowledge that would help her understand it has been largely lost (and, to be honest, Ashala isn't all that great at listening anyway!) I would love to see more exploration of Ember and Georgie's powers and how that's affected their development and relationships to others. In Jaz's case, I found his acceptance by the Saurs – and the way he brought others to his new tribe – to be fascinating and weird, and it would be great to see more about his physical changes and why that happened, when it hasn't to the other children from the detention centre. Anything from an origin story to an adventure to a future story – what is going to happen as the Tribe gets older? – would be wonderful. About the only thing I wouldn't want for this fandom is a story set during the Reckoning – I like the world after!