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Thank you for writing for me! I'd love fic in any of the requested fandoms and I'm also open to crossovers or fusions between any of them. Mostly, I want you to have a good time writing, so while I've tried to make suggestions for each fandom, if they don't work for you, feel free to write what you want to write.

Things I enjoy: stories about female characters, plot, character interaction, gen fic or any of femslash/het/slash, exploring a canon world. I also like OCs as a way to expand the canon universe, so if that's a direction you want to go that's in the spirit of [community profile] rarelywritten, that would be great too. AUs are fine – both in the sense of a deviation from canon and a completely different world – as long as they're not mundane AUs. (Modern AUs are fine – superpowered coffee shops or high school on a Zeppelin would be great!)

Things I don't enjoy: non-con or rape, non-canon character deaths (canon deaths or casefile OC deaths are fair game), adult/teen or adult/child sexual interaction, zombies, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic AUs, mundane AUs.

Specific Fandoms

Long Live the Queen
There's so much space in this game for alternate storylines, and I'd really like to see something from the point of view of one of the other characters. How does Alice feel to be assigned to the young Queen-to-be amid the assassination attempts? Is Empress Junko enchanted by her husband, or do they have a mutually beneficial relationship (he does seem to care a great deal for their children)? How does Charlotte feel if the conspiracy involving her mother comes out, or is Charlotte indeed in on it so that she can become Queen? And is Brin's interest in Elodie genuinely romantic, or is it another power play? If none of those ideas appeal to you, I'd also like to see any of the events of the game fleshed out, especially the Grand Ball.

Agent Carter
I loved the open ending of this show and I want to see what Peggy and Angie and/or Dottie do next. The action adventure is my favourite thing about this show, but if you don't want to write plot and fights, I would also like to see any of them – including Angie, now that she knows more – dealing with the revelations and the violence of the series. Backstory on Peggy in the SSR or before, what Angie did during the war, or Dottie's other assignments would be great too. I would prefer to primarily read about Dottie as an adult and not as a tortured kid, but flashbacks at the level of the show would be fine.

Agents of SHIELD

Isabelle Hartley, Victoria Hand and the respective mothers of Melinda May and Skye are all fascinating characters, but we saw far too little of them: what was Hartley doing during the Hydra takeover, and how did she bring a team of mercenaries to the side of the beleaguered SHIELD? What was Hand doing before and during the takeover, and how did she gather agents to her side? Was her death a Hydra fakeout? A former (or current!) relationship between Hartley and Hand would be great, but not necessary. I'm also happy if either or both of them survive canon events. Melinda May's mother was awesome for the brief time we see her: what was it like being in her agency, whatever it was, and what does she do these days? How is it knowing her daughter is in the same field? What were some of her spy exploits, and what did she tell or not tell Melinda? For Skye's mother, I'd like to know more about her background: was her ability well-known in her village, or did she have to hide and come back as her own daughter every now and then? Why did she fall in love with a foreigner, and how did they even meet and learn about their powers? Again, feel free to have her somehow survive the experiments if you want: Wolverine has come back from worse!

We have got to see more of Raina, and from the moment we saw her tremendous disappointment as she found out that the Clairvoyant was a fake, I have been totally engaged in her story. How did she find out about people with powers? She did not (before the underground temple) have powers of her own: why was she seeking them? She seems to be more comfortable in the lab than in the field, and maybe that's a hint about where she came from. She's totally driven by her quest, regardless of the people she has to work beside to get there.

While I have requested several characters, I would like a fic about any of them. This would also be a great fandom for a crossover, if you're inclined, considering the wide range of eras and interests these characters cover.


Kitty was a great addition to Season 3, and I absolutely loved her story arc. I would love to see more of her working on cases with Sherlock and/or Joan, or adjusting to New York life, or other cases she tried to work on her own before meeting Sherlock. The other thing I really wanted to see was some closure with Joan - Kitty had to leave in a hurry, but I hope that once she's safe she might contact Joan, or maybe a missing scene before she goes, or even her thoughts on Joan's mentorship.

Ms Hudson is always a character that I'm excited to see, and I would love to know more about her: how did she acquire her superb education as an auto-didact? What does it entail, being a muse? Does she organise any other libraries? Does she create art of her own? Where does she live when she's not in the brownstone or being a muse? I love how composed and erudite she is, and would love to see her solving a mystery or having an adventure of her own.


Two requests specific to this fandom.
"Hannibal" is a very dark experience, and while I enjoy that in the show, I would like to keep any sexual violence in fic to the level it is on the show: background threat, but not explicit. Additionally, I am a cancer survivor and found Bella Crawford's story extremely difficult to watch, and would prefer that her illness isn't part of a fic you write for me.

That said, I love all the brave, determined women of this show (or in Margot's case, her growing bravery), whether or not they succeed in their goals, and it would be great to see them doing something outside Hannibal's orbit, whether that is their job for Beverley, Freddie or Bedelia or something completely outside what we see them doing on the show. Second season in particular was closely focused on Will and Hannibal, so it would be great to see missing scenes or reactions from there, too: where Bedelia fled, Beverley's growing suspicions, what Margot does away from her brother (does she have a girlfriend?), Freddie's fabulous wardrobe and cruel website.

Marvel 616

I love superheroes! I love their complicated world and their dubious ethics and their fancy outfits! I love it when they succeed (Janet founding the Avengers) and when they fail (Jessica Jones's superhero career) and when it's something confusingly in between (Monica in NEXTwave). When they're just starting out like Kamala or from a superhero background like America, a dedicated superhero like Monica, effortlessly flitting between two lives like Janet or trying to juggle multiple identities like Jessica. A story about any one of these heroes would be great: I am very, very chill if you want to pick and choose the bits of canon you like, or set modern characters into classic storylines. There are so many disparate things I like about comics and these characters, from fun action stories to slice-of-life superheroes getting the groceries to realistic takes on the brightly-coloured tropes, but one thing I particularly like is teamwork. This could be teammates together to face a threat, or strangers having to band together for a common purpose, or even heroes meeting up in their civilian identities to solve a problem.
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Everyone's writing their letters today. Those are some fun prompts, especially for the comics ladies.